Last release: 1.0.0beta
(May 17, 2013)

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Connectome Analyzer


Welcome to the Connectome Analyzer documentation. The Connectome Analyzer is an open-source software for analysis of connectomes at multiple scales. It is distributed under the Modified BSD license as an independent module of the connectome mapping toolkit (


Analyzing Connectomes

If you are not familiar with group comparison of connectomes at multiple-scale, you can check here for a brief summary.

The Connectome Analyzer

The Connectome Analyzer is aimed to provide researchers with a complete set of tools to analyze connectomes from any source (DSI, DTI, QBall, rs-fMRI, etc...) at different scales (global, subnetworks and local). The main functions are currently coded in R and a Python GUI is provided to facilitate the configuration.


Download The Connectome Analyzer